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The facilities at Coral Dental Center are designed according to a concept that combines good ergonomics, hygiene and comfort in a pleasant atmosphere.

At Coral Dental Center we are as concerned about your health as you are. That’s why we have strict safety norms for the control of infections and we meet all standards of sterilization required by official health regulations. All instruments that resist high temperatures are sterilized through autoclave (vapor pressure) that kills infectious micro-organism such as bacteria and viruses.

  • Instruments that do not resist high temperatures, such as plastics, are disinfected in a chemical solution that kills those same infectious micro-organisms.
  • Many implements are disposable and are only used for one patient. This includes all needles and aspirators (the plastic straw placed in the mouth to suck up saliva).
  • Gloves and masks are used to prevent disease transmission. Gloves are never used for more than one patient.
  • All surfaces are disinfected with a chemical solution specially designed to kill bacteria, spores and viruses. Protection barriers (plastics, rubber drapes, etc) are used whenever possible.

We constantly monitor our procedures in order to meet the OSHA infections control and the recommendations of American Dental Association.

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