Frequent questions

How often do you recommend teeth cleaning?

It is good to do it twice a year, together with a regular check up of your mouth.

Why do gums bleed?

They generally bleed for a lack of brushing (massage) or because of an inflammation caused by medicine.

What are the current methods to restore teeth?

There are basically three types of restorations: resins (for small cavities), incrustations (medium cavities) and porcelain crowns (for major re-construction of the tooth).

Is it true that if I'm nervous the anesthesia won't work?

No, dental anesthesia is applied to mouth tissues to prevent pain in a specific area of your mouth by blocking the nerves who sense or transmit pain, therefore stress will not affect its performance.

Does losing a tooth cause problems?
  • It causes unbalance in the mouth, which in turn can cause: Bad digestion.
  • Movement of the adjacent teeth.
  • Separation of teeth.
  • Bad appearance.
  • Loss of the support bone.
What can I do to replace a lost tooth?

There are two basic techniques: the first one, and also the most recommended is through a dental implant, whereas the second one is through a fixed porcelain bridge.

How can I improve my teeth appearance?

These days, there are many simple and fast procedures which can improve your teeth appearance by giving you a healthy and attractive smile.

Are braces only for young people?

No, braces can be used at any age. Your dentist will conduct a thorough study of your mouth and will check for possible obstacles to carry out the treatment.

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