Cosmetic dentistry

  • White Fillings / Inlays
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Veneers
  • Teeth Whitening

Don´t you like your smile?

Your smile is one of your most defining features. And one of your most effective means of communication, too. It’s no secret that successful people tend to smile a lot. It’s also true that having a sensational smile boosts your confidence and makes you feel better. So if you think your smile isn’t what it could be, ask us about these cosmetic services, and treat yourself to the smile you’ve always wanted. If Mother Nature didn’t give you that perfect smile, now you can get the look youve always wanted. Many cosmetic dentistry options are available, such as white fillings, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, clear braces and even dental implants.

Bonding. he quickest, most economical method of restoring stained or damaged teeth. With bonding, we apply a natural colored resin, then sculpt it and polish it till it gleams.

Tooth-colored fillings. It may be necessary to have a filling done, but isn’t necessary for everyone to see it. Our natural looking fillings not only looks great, they’re stronger than old-fashioned mercury fillings.

Crowns. Dental crowns are one piece structures that cover the teeth and replacing tooth enamel by porcelain or other material. It can be employed for several reasons. The most common is the rehabilitation, it means return to a broken tooth damaged its original shape and appearance. In addition, they are also used for a esthetic purposes, to change the appearance, shape, color or position of unsightly teeth, mouth providing a more consistent with the current canon of beauty.

Also be used to protect teeth from the fracture, for example after endodontic treatment, the tooth leaving too weak.

Porcelain Veneers. These thin porcelain shields are bonded to the front of your tooth, with very little preparation, creating dramatic changes that will last many years.

Bridges. Dental bridges are structures together several pieces or crowns that replace missing teeh using as anchor pillars remaining teeth in the mouth. When a tooth is lost and the neighboring teeth are very weak and crowns both individually need for reinforcement in this case is recomended the placement of a bridge, since thereby reinforces all together.

When someone has lost one or more teeth by severe trauma or a major infection, sometimes also lost a lot of bone mass that makes imposible to place dental implants porcelain bridges are indicated.

Teeth Whitening. Don’t be fooled by over-the-counter whiteners, many of which don’t work and some of which can actually harm your tooth enamel. We can safely and effectively brighten teeth that have been stained from smoking or coffee drinking, or have just started to grow dull with age.

Coral Dental Center offers all aspects of dentistry and specializes in creating beautiful smiles with cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry. We understand that you are looking for a dentist who will listen to precisely what you would like to accomplish with your cosmetic dental procedure while still maintaining the function and health of your dentition. We offer all dental specialties with a gentle touch in a nice and friendly atmosphere so you can be relaxed and comfortable during your dental procedures. Call our office for a consultation appointment and give yourself something to smile about.


This is a professional and safe method to lighten the color of natural teeth by using gel and ultraviolet light which acts through the enamel surface. This procedure can be done at the dental center and usually only requires a one-hour session.

Tooth whitening treatments supervised by professionals have proved to change the teeth dramatically and result in a notably whiter color. The over-the-counter whitening products work differently from the professional systems to whiten teeth. The difference in shades can be far less visible. More importantly yet, even if some pharmacy products can whiten your teeth, only the teeth whitening treatments supervised by professionals have proven to be safe and effective for over ten years.

Why do teeth change color?

There are numerous causes. The most frequent ones are age and the use of substances that stain (coffee, tea, cola drinks, and tobacco), traumatisms, tetracycline (antibiotics), too much fluoride, nervous degeneration and old restorations.


Can white fillings (resins, crowns) be whitened?

No whitening treatment can whiten white fillings, or teeth with crowns or laminates. That’s yet another reason to talk to a professional before using any whitening product. As part of his treatment plan, your dentist will guide you through the different aesthetic options to give you a bright smile.

How does professional tooth whitening treatment work?

The process of professional whitening occurs by neutralizing the discoloration of the tooth. When the carbamide peroxide in the professional whiteners is activated, the oxygen enters the hard outer surface (enamel) of the tooth and removes the color substances or stains under the surface. Since the tooth enamel is transparent, the natural and clearer color of the inner tooth will remain visible.

How does the process start?

Professional whitening begins with a consultation at your dentist’s office to determine if it can safely be applied to you. If so, it can be done that same day or be scheduled for a later date. It will take about one hour.

How long will my teeth remain white?

Professionally whitened teeth remain white for a long time. Frequent applications and regular visits to the dentist for cleaning will make your white and shiny smile last longer.

Who can benefit from dental whitening?

Almost everybody. In a few cases, however, the treatment could be ineffective. A complete mouth exploration and diagnosis will help the dentist determine who can have the treatment. This dental whitening system is ideal for those with healthy teeth without restorations and who wish to have a whiter and shinier smile.

Is the method safe?

Studies carried out indicate that carbamide peroxide tooth whitening under a dentist’s supervision is safe for teeth and gums.

Are there any side effects?

Some people might experience higher sensitivity to cold during the treatment. Others might suffer tooth sensitivity or gingivitis. Such symptoms are temporary and usually disappear 1 to 3 days after completing the treatment.