The Pedodontist is the Dentist who is dedicated to the care of the oral health of infants, children, adolescents and persons with special needs. Has a special training to treat different behaviors of children during their visits to the dentist, as well as to guide the growth and development of teeth and jaws.

The first dental visit is recommended to the year of age or appearing the first tooth. You can make a positive and pleasant experience of this first visit. Explain who is the Dentist, play at home to be a Dentist,explain that the Dentist will count and will clean the teeth. Avoid words such as injection, syringe, pain, this could cause unnecessary anguishes in children. The Pedodontist used a non intimidating language appropriate to the age of the patient. Our main objective is to promote oral health care with the purpose that the children “learn playing” the importance of caring for the teeth.

The first years of life are very important from the point of view of prevention since anything we do in favour of health effect for life. Oral disease prevention and care are the main objectives of modern dentistry, with emphasis on education, both to parents and children, the use of preventive strategies, including: brush technique, regular use of fluoride and pit and fissure sealants on temporary and permanent teeth, thus maintaining the oral health of children and avoid the consequences produced by the early loss of teeth and tooth decay.

They are plastic materials that are placed in the teeth-retentive both temporary and permanent areas and serve so bacteria not staying in such spaces causing tooth decay. 80 % Of cavities are initiated in these areas. Sealants are important part of a prevention program.

When should I start to clean my child’s teeth?

When erupt first teeth you can clean them with the help of gauze. Once the molars erupt ,can start using a toothbrush that is appropriate to their age.

Brushing requires a certain ability for this reason during the early years you must help your child to clean teeth. Towards 5-6 years the child will already acquired enough skill to perform the only brushing but you will have to continue to monitor it, and helping if necessary, especially in the night brushing.

Teeth should be cleaned after each meal and always before going to bed. From three years of age, you can begin to use toothpaste in small quantity (the size of a pea). There are children’s toothpaste for children under and over the age of 6; used which corresponds to their age.

You should not wait for your child to have pain to visit the dentist for the first time .

A first visit at 1 year old will help early diagnosis of diseases and that your child gets used to the dental practice.

Remember: a balanced diet, a regular dental care and early consultation with the dentist will help prevent dental problems in your child.